What situations arise that may lead a dentist to recommend wisdom teeth removal?

The third molars have a tendency to become extremely problematic for many of our patients. This is why our Red Hill Dental Practice team might suggest to individuals the benefits of having wisdom teeth extracted with simple or surgical extraction techniques.

Should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

Below are some of the situations which may arise that may result in a recommendation for wisdom tooth removal:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth – The wisdom teeth might become impacted or stuck in the jawbone or gums. This can cause pain, swelling, and infection. If left untreated, this infection could spread to other parts of your mouth and body.
  • Overcrowding or crowding of the other teeth – When there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to come in, it can cause the other teeth to become crowded or misaligned. This can lead to pain, difficulty brushing and flossing, and a higher risk of cavities or gum disease.
  • The development of cysts around the wisdom tooth/teeth – When wisdom teeth are impacted, they are prone to developing cysts which can cause significant tissue damage. These cysts can cause bone destruction, root resorption of adjacent teeth, and even the potential for tumours.
  • Orthodontic treatment – If you have undergone orthodontic treatment during childhood or your teen years and your wisdom teeth have not erupted through the gum line, manual removal may be recommended to maintain the results you have achieved and keep the teeth from causing misalignment again after development.

If any of these issues are present or suspected, your dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction or surgery to prevent long-term damage. Depending on the individual case, simple extractions or surgical extractions might be recommended. Your dentist can discuss all the available options with you.

How do I find out if I could benefit from wisdom tooth removal?

Our team encourages patients in and around the Red Hill, Victoria, community to see our dentists regularly for an evaluation and professional cleaning. If there are concerns arising regarding the third molars, our dentists may make a recommendation for removal. The practice is at 135 Shoreham Road in Red Hill and can be reached by phone at (03) 5907 5942.