The benefits of same-day dental crowns at Red Hill Dental Practice

At Red Hill Dental Practice, our team of dentists work hard to ensure patients have solutions that meet–and exceed–their needs. This includes restorations such as dental crowns, commonly used to restore teeth significantly impacted by tooth decay, disease, trauma, or procedures such as root canal therapy. Dental crowns, or “caps,” typically take a few weeks to complete from start to finish, but we are excited to offer patients same-day crowns using our Primescan and Primemill system with Tessera Ceramic at Red Hill, Victoria.

How do same-day dental crowns work?

Same-day dental crowns are just as strong, durable, and beautiful as traditional crowns made in outside laboratories by skilled ceramists. The technology behind same-day crowns involves the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), which allows our dentists to create precise, custom-made dental crowns right in our office. This streamlined process eliminates the need for messy impressions, temporary restorations, and lengthy waiting periods for off-site labs to create the final crown. Patients can instead have all the work completed at the dental practice and leave with a brand-new smile!

What are some of the advantages of same-day dental crowns?

With our same-day dental crowns, patients will enjoy the following:

  • Less time spent at the dentist. Traditional crowns typically require multiple appointments, with several weeks in between for the crown to be created. With same-day crowns, patients complete their restoration in just one visit, saving them time!
  • No need for temporary restorations. Temporary crowns are often used while waiting for traditional crowns to be made. There is no need for temporary restorations with same-day crowns, as the final crown is created and placed on the same day.
  • Precise fitting and colour matching. CAD/CAM technology allows for exact measurements and designs, resulting in a custom-fit crown that can be placed without any changes or adjustments.

Find out why patients choose Red Hill Dental Practice for same-day dental crowns!

If you reside in the Red Hill, VIC area and want to speak to our professionals about our Primemill crowns made with Tessera Ceramic, feel free to book a consultation visit with one of our dentists today! Our practice is located at 135 Shoreham Road and can be reached by calling (03) 5907 5942 to request an appointment.