Restoring your smile and oral health

If you are living with missing teeth or uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures, dental implants may be the ideal way to give you a complete beautiful smile once more.

Red Hill Dental Practice surgically places the titanium dental implants into your jawbone, allowing them to securely bond with your bone over the next three to six months. We then fit a custom-made tooth replacement to your implant, restoring your smile and allowing you to eat, chew and speak normally.

In most cases, the procedure to receive a dental implant involves separate stages:

  • Assessment and comprehensive oral health examination
  • Placement of the implant into the bone
  • Placement of the abutment (also called a connector) to the implant
  • Attachment of the artificial tooth/teeth (crown or bridge) to the abutment.

Your assessment stage involves a consultation and thorough examination of your oral and general health. We may also take detailed x-rays of your jawbone to ensure there is sufficient bone density to support your implant. This ensures your dental implant is placed precisely in its optimal position.

From surgical placement of the implant to securing the crown or bridge can take between three to six months or more. This depends on your general and dental health, your bone density, rate of healing, degree of integration between the implant and the bone and the if you have any dental or general health issues.

When your implant has bonded to your jawbone we will make impression moulds of the implant and your teeth and bite. These are used to create a custom fabricated connector post (called an abutment) and crown or bridge. The abutment and replacement crown or bridge is then attached to your implant, completing the process and restoring your smile.

Like natural teeth, artificial teeth that are not regularly brushed and flossed can develop plaque and tartar, which can develop into dental problems such as gum disease. That’s why it’s important to maintain a regular and thorough at-home oral care routine and attend check-up appointments at The Red Hill Dental Practice every six months.

If you’re missing one tooth or several teeth, schedule a consultation appointment with Red Hill Dental Practice to discuss if you’re a candidate for dental implants.