What is TMJ/TMD?

If you frequently experience clicking, popping, or lockjaw, you could be suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also called TMJ or TMD. The temporomandibular joint is the jaw joint that hinges both the upper and lower jaws, and it can sometimes become dysfunctional. When it does, patients will start to notice a wide range of symptoms, including TMJ headaches, jaw pain, and even ear pain. Our dental practice in Red Hill, Victoria, is dedicated to providing effective temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatments to patients.

What are the symptoms of TMJ/TMD?

Have you considered that you might be dealing with temporomandibular joint disorder but have yet to get a definitive diagnosis? Below are some of the more common symptoms seen in patients with TMJ/TMD:

  • Difficulty opening and closing the jaw
  • Pain in the face or neck
  • Sensitivity of the jaw area
  • Muscle spasms in the cheek, jaw, or neck areas
  • Radiating pain to other parts of the body, such as ears and head
  • Clicking or popping sounds when moving your mouth or chewing food
  • Chipping or cracked teeth

What causes TMJ/TMD?

It can be difficult to determine the exact cause of TMJ/TMD, as each patient’s situation is different. However, when it occurs, it can impact one’s daily living and quality of life. With a proper diagnosis, our dentists can provide effective treatment recommendations based on the severity of the condition.

What can be done for the treatment of TMJ/TMD?

At Red Hill Dental Practice, we provide a range of unique treatment options for individuals suffering from TMJ/TMD.

Where can I receive professional, competent care for temporomandibular joint dysfunction symptoms?

Have you received a diagnosis of TMJ/TMD? Are you troubled by lockjaw, headaches, and joint pain that impacts your day-to-day living? Are you tired of clicking, popping jaw joints and ready to find relief? If this sounds like you, we encourage you to talk to our providers at Red Hill Dental Practice to learn more about temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment options. We are located at 135 Shoreham Road in Red Hill and can be reached by telephone at (03) 5907 5942

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